Being Pescetarian

Hi guys!! So for the past year I have been living as a pescetarian! Some of you may be scratching your head asking 'What in the world is that?'.
Well by definition it is one who chooses to exclude all meats EXCEPT seafood from their daily diet.

I chose this lifestyle due wanting to try new things while going through a transitional period in my life. I was new moving to Atlanta,GA with a fresh outlook on really beginning my adult life! I had begun being more conscious of what I was eating since I had fallen in love with cooking my own meals. I noticed how my diet was not exactly 'grown up' food all the time,so I reevaluated how I grocery shopped and dined out.
Knowing that I wasn't the biggest fan of meat in general I decided on becoming a vegetarian.....then I realized how much I would miss eating meat LOL. So with more research I came across pescetarianism and found my silver lining.
Now with this decision being made I also had more factors that attributed to my choice. I've always had stomach issues when it came to meats(my body just didn't agree with most of them). There were times where I would regurgitate(or almost) when I had a bit too much pork or chicken. That such an annoying thing to deal with or think about when you're just eating!

Like with most lifestyle changes, RESEARCH RESEARCH and........RESEARCH  was key to making a successful transition.
Books I read*:

Websites I read*:


Pescetarian Journal

Where I shop*:

Brands I buy*:

*What's listed are not the only ones for me.

I will be documenting more on where I shop,cook and dine!!


Sincere Update!!I'm Engaged to be a Mrs!!!

I could not have asked for a more beautiful ring!!

I am absolutely on cloud nine you guys since I've become ENGAGED!!

Now if you have been following me a for awhile then you've seen this cutie on my blog from time to time! We have been dating since 2006, and he's given butterflies every since. He popped the question on the most awesome and special day ever for us,which was our very Christmas in our new home in Atlanta!

I was pretty bummed that I could not spend it with my family due to work, but he secretly invited my mom and stepdad to town to celebrate with us. They both arrived Christmas morning and that is when things got real! I was so excited to see my mom and stepdad that morning along little Max(my moms Chihuahua).

So the whole surprise proposal when down like this;my mom and stepdad left the house to take the dog out while we two opened our gifts. I automatically went for the largest gift to me from him. I was so amped to see this large gift box because I thought it the cookware set I desperately wanted! But when I opened the large box I was pleasantly surprised by the roses petals and cute note with the all time lovely question....'Will you Marry Me?'

I became so choked with emotions, that I started to cry like a baby with a wet diaper!!I could not believe this guy had proposed to me in the sweetest way possible! I turned to him with red weepy eyes as he kneeled on one knee with the beautiful ring in hand!!! I of course cried out 'YES' and ran outside to bust my mom for being in on the proposal!!

We all laughed and cried and laughed and cried again with joy. I am very blessed to be engaged to this man;there is no one else I could see myself growing with.


My Minimalist Wish List!

So for some odd reason I have had a fashion crush on the whole minimalist style. I am a little obsessed with the simple, clean lines of this look. It always looks so chic and yet easy!

  1. Cardigan-Forever 21
  2. Midi Dress-Forever 21
  3. Kimono-Asos
  4. Loafers-Forever 21
  5. Dress-Forever 21
  6. Matching Jacket and Pant-Asos
  7. Maxi Top-Forever 21
  8. Duster-Boohoo
  9. Loafers-Forever 21
  10. Dress-Asos
  11. Sweater-Boohoo
  12. Pleather skirt-Boohoo


Hair Update

Hey guys so it's been a little while since I've talked about my hair on here! Well for good reason I have been silent on the matter because I've struck gold with my hair care. For the past year I have done a 180 degree turn on my hair care routine!

This above list consist of the STAPLE products I have been using on my newly renovated hair care routine!

  1. Shea Moisture's African Black Soap Shampoo & Conditioner;I use about once or twice a month.
  2. Suave's Almond & Shea Butter Conditioner;I use as a weekly co-wash.
  3. Cantu Shea Butter Creamy Hair Lotion;I use as my leave -in conditioner after freshly washed hair.
  4. Raw shea butter;I have a shea butter mixture* that I use to seal in my leave-in conditioner.
  5. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil;I use this to seal and pre-poo my hair.
  6. Hollywood Beauty Olive Oil Cholesterol; I use weekly as a deep conditioner.
*Butter Mixture consist coconut,jojoba,olive and sunflower oil.

With  A LOT of research and trial and error, I had finally found what my hair likes.
A little background info on my hair:

  • Natural since 2009
  • Color treated hair since 2009
  • Mini 2nd Big Chop in 2013
  • Straightens hair about twice a year
  • Kinky,Coily,Curly Hair 
  • Medium & High Density Hair
  • Medium & Fine Width Hair Texture
  • Low porosity hair 

Flat Ironed Hair-Jan 2014

Blown Out Hair-March 2014

Twist Out-Sep 2014

Wash n Go-Aug 2014

Finding out those last three stats about my hair made the HUGE difference in how I took care of my hair. Once I mastered what my hair was all about, it made it easier for me to look for the RIGHT products. Like most natural haired beauties I went through a phase where I was a bit of a 'product junkie'(not exactly a good look on my pockets).

According to  my hair texture I found that it likes heavy products such as thick oils,creamy conditioners,gels and butters! Being able to filter my product choices upon my hair's liking made such a great difference on my hair's life and my pockets!!So after finding out what my hair likes, I then experimented with different routines for my kinky,curly hair.

I also had a major problem with retaining moisture(the #1 reason for me going on this new hair care journey)in my hair. I could never keep it properly moisturized throughout the week without having to Co-Wash it every other day! Upon getting my hair products and styles in check,I also found that a certain product layering routine made the HELL of a difference for me. I am speaking of the 'L.O.C.' method,but I actually found that the 'L.C.O.' worked better for me. I'm not going to go in detail with the method because there are thousands of sites,videos and books that explain it better. But in short the method consists of three steps, L-liquid ,O-oil and C-cream. Every since I've incorporated this new method to EVERY style I do, my hair has been thanking me by growing so much healthier,feeling and looking more shiny and letting all of my curls POP on que!LOL

What are your healthy hair goals?


Sincere Fall Wishlist!

1:Velvet Dress-Forever 21
5:Velvet Dress-Boohoo