Last Summer Festival[One MusicFest]

Very few of the cool vendor shops we visited!

Awesome handmade jewelry.
Since I have not did many of famous Summer adventures this year,I had to satisfy my craving with ending in a bang! Summer season is famous for all types of outdoor festivals,especially music related ones. The honey and I were really excited to attend the One Music Fest right here in Atlanta.

The music is not the only thing that attracts us to these festivals, but rather the non-stop,gritty and fun atmosphere! It's such a refreshing feeling to be around tons of fellow music lovers that enjoy the same things as you do.

Oh yes, you are not seeing things.My hair is green for the day!!But I chose to wear it in braids since the weather was extremely hot and humid. I did not want to faint on account of my thick fro!LOL

Hat,Pants & Sunglasses-Forever 21, Top-Boyfriends closet, Shoes-Vanes
Not only did we enjoy the amazing food trucks,vendors and culture going on, but the music acts were surreal. We enjoyed musicians such as Jhene Aiko,Nas and Kendrick Lamar, just to name a few!

Jhene Aiko is so beautiful with a great voice.
The one and only M-E-T-H-O-D Man

Kendrick Lamar was AWESOME.

Daley amazed me!

Isaiah Rashad was great!

My babe was even able to snap a quick selfie with the TDE member.
We had an amazing time at the One Music Fest. We definitely feel like we ended the summer with a bang be attending the festival.


Sincere Interior

Recently I have been obsessed with interior design and dressing due to my constant prowling on Pinterest.
Everyday I Pin a new idea to my boards I am so inspired to create a beautiful space in my home.

 Now that the Autumn season is approaching I am definetly inspired to create some warm and cozy atmospheres.

All photos are from Pinterest.com


Sincere Trends[Fall Preview]

Tribal, Forever 21 
Relaxed Denim, Forever 21 
Joggers, Forever 21

Plaid Everything, Forever 21

Color Oxblood, Asos

Fur & Parkas, Asos

Long lengths, Asos

Jumpsuits, Asos

What trends have you excited for Fall?


Butterflies & Beaches

Butterfly Center 
Hi Guys!! So you know I absolutely love to travel but every since we've moved to Atlanta I have had to research places to visit.
Now one convenience I loved about living on the coast was the close distance to the beach! Well I didn't realize the closet coastal beach from me is about 4 hours away ( contrary to my usual 1 or 2 hour drive).
I was elated to find out about a very nice man-made beach on a lake about an hour from my home!

So we packed up and headed to Callaway Gardens to soak up the sun and outdoor fun!

After sightseeing at the Butterfly Center we decided to take a walk in the sweltering summer heat one of the many walking trails.

Calloway Brothers Trail

These tree leaves were unreal!
We ended the trip with a few hours on the beautiful and serene man-made lake on Robin Lake.

Until next time!!